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Many South Carolina veterans feel Trump disrespected them, but still plan to support him.

South Carolina Veterans Weigh In on Trump’s Comments and Nikki Haley’s Campaign

Veteran’s Disapproval of Trump’s Comments

Bill Lyons, an 81-year-old U.S. Coast Guard veteran, disapproves of Donald Trump’s mockery of Nikki Haley’s military husband for not joining her on the U.S. campaign trail. Despite this, Lyons still supports the former president, citing his positive impact during his term in office.

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Challenges Faced by Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley, the former governor of South Carolina, campaigned in her home state to court the significant military vote ahead of the Republican primary. She emphasized her husband’s military service and criticized Trump’s disparaging comments about veterans.

Response from Veterans and Military Spouses

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Interviews with veterans and military spouses revealed mixed reactions to Haley’s campaign. While some supported her, others raised concerns about her foreign policy views and labeled her a “globalist.” Many veterans expressed worries about her potential to lead the U.S. into a war.

Impact of Trump’s Remarks

Trump’s recent comments about Michael Haley raised eyebrows among South Carolina veterans, with some considering it a significant negative point against the former president. However, others dismissed it as inconsequential, citing Trump’s overall support for the military.

Emotional Response from Nikki Haley

During a speech in Greenville, Haley became emotional when discussing her husband’s deployment and reaffirmed her commitment to the country. Her spokesperson also condemned Trump’s remarks, emphasizing the importance of respecting the service and sacrifice of military families.

Views on Foreign Policy and National Security

Veterans and military spouses expressed skepticism about Haley’s foreign policy views, particularly regarding her stance on providing aid to Ukraine. Some favored Trump’s isolationist approach and prioritized domestic issues over foreign interventions.

Concerns and Support from Veterans

Veterans like Lyons expressed reservations about allocating funds to foreign countries, highlighting the need to address border security. Others, like retired Army nurse Kim Alsip, supported Haley’s position on Ukraine but expressed reservations about Trump’s behavior.


The responses from South Carolina veterans and military families underscore the complex dynamics at play in the lead-up to the Republican primary. While Haley seeks to rally support from her home state, she faces challenges in navigating diverse opinions within the military community.

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