HomeEconomic IndicatorMalaysia claims TikTok lacks full compliance with local laws, says Reuters.

Malaysia claims TikTok lacks full compliance with local laws, says Reuters.

TikTok’s Compliance with Malaysian Laws Deemed Unsatisfactory

Malaysia’s Communications Minister Calls for Stricter Measures

Short video app TikTok has come under scrutiny in Malaysia, with the country’s communications minister Fahmi Fadzil expressing dissatisfaction with the platform’s compliance with local laws. In a social media post following a meeting with TikTok representatives, Fahmi emphasized the need for the app to take a more proactive stance in curbing the spread of fake news and defamatory content.

Greater Responsibility to Combat Misinformation

Fahmi Fadzil urged TikTok to be more vigilant in its efforts to combat the dissemination of false information and harmful content. The minister stressed the importance of the platform playing an active role in preventing the sharing of misleading news, as well as taking swift action against defamatory materials.

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A Call for Transparency and Accountability

Transparency and accountability were key points raised by Fahmi during the meeting. He emphasized the need for TikTok to be fully compliant with local laws, ensuring that the platform adheres to regulations and guidelines set by Malaysian authorities. By doing so, the app can help maintain a safe and trustworthy environment for its users.

Protecting Users from Harmful Content

The Malaysian government is committed to safeguarding its citizens from the negative impact of fake news and defamatory content. With TikTok’s growing popularity in the country, it is crucial for the platform to actively address these concerns and take appropriate measures to protect its users from potential harm.

A Collaborative Effort Towards a Safer Platform

The meeting between TikTok representatives and the communications minister signifies a joint effort to create a safer online environment. By working together, they aim to establish stronger mechanisms to detect and remove harmful content promptly. This collaboration is a step towards ensuring that TikTok remains a responsible and compliant social media platform in Malaysia.

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