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Kishida pledges actions to soften impact of surging prices in Japan, focusing on public relief.

Japanese Prime Minister Vows to Support Households Amid Rising Inflation

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida Pledges Subsidies and Payouts to Counter Cost of Living

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has made a commitment to provide support to households affected by the increasing cost of living. He emphasized his government’s determination to lift the economy out of stagnation by implementing subsidies and payouts to mitigate the impact of rising inflation.

Addressing Inflation and Its Impact on Consumption

Inflation in Japan has surpassed the central bank’s target of 2% for over a year, primarily driven by the escalating costs of raw materials. This has had a negative impact on consumption and has clouded the country’s economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. With wages struggling to keep pace with the rapidly rising prices, Prime Minister Kishida stated that the government would alleviate the burden by returning a portion of the expected tax revenue increase to households.

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Transitioning to a New Economic Paradigm

Prime Minister Kishida acknowledged the signs of change in an economy that has focused on cost-cutting measures for the past three decades. To ensure the success of this transition, he emphasized the importance of sustained, structural wage increases and promoting investment through collaboration between the public and private sectors. The economy’s well-being remains his top priority.

Extending Subsidies and Implementing Tax Breaks

As part of the government’s efforts, subsidies aimed at curbing the costs of gasoline and utilities will be extended until the spring. Prime Minister Kishida also mentioned that additional measures, including tax breaks for companies that increase wages and investment, are being discussed by a tax panel within his ruling party. These measures aim to provide temporary relief and facilitate Japan’s complete departure from deflation.

Stimulus Package and Potential Income Tax Cut

Prime Minister Kishida, in response to the negative impact of rising inflation on the economy and his approval ratings, unveiled plans to develop an economic stimulus package. This package may include an income tax reduction as one of the potential measures to address the situation.

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The rewritten article provides a comprehensive overview of Prime Minister Kishida’s commitment to supporting households amidst rising inflation. It emphasizes the government’s efforts to alleviate the burden through subsidies, tax breaks, and structural changes in the economy. The article highlights the challenges posed by inflation and the measures taken to ensure Japan’s economic recovery.

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