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Italian Prime Minister Meloni’s first year in office overshadowed by economic challenges and a divided family.

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni Faces Economic Challenges in First Year

Weak Economic Growth and High Debt Interest Rates

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is grappling with weak economic growth and high interest rates on the country’s massive debt in her first year in power. These challenges were further compounded by an unexpected announcement of her separation from her long-time partner.

A Coalition Government and Right-Wing Policies

Meloni’s coalition government, the first led by a woman in Italy’s history, was sworn in a year ago after a sweeping election victory. Initially perceived as the most right-wing government since Mussolini, Meloni has worked to dispel concerns of extremism by fostering good relationships with allies and adopting a pro-Western, EU-friendly stance.

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Domestic Policies and International Relations

At home, Meloni has focused on implementing policies to protect traditional family values, preserve Italy’s cultural heritage, and manage migrant arrivals. Internationally, she has shown support for Ukraine in its conflict with Russia and has maintained a cooperative approach with Brussels, despite her previous eurosceptic stance.

Economic Challenges and Debt Rating

However, the Italian economy has faced setbacks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with GDP contracting in the second quarter. Analysts predict that Italy’s economic growth will be among the lowest in the eurozone next year. This poses difficulties for Meloni in fulfilling her promises of tax cuts and managing the country’s high debt, which is equivalent to 140% of national output. The recent review of Italy’s debt by S&P Global Ratings confirmed the country’s BBB rating with a stable outlook, but analysts anticipate a worsening outlook in the future.

Implementation of Investment Plans and Immigration Challenges

Italy’s hopes of economic recovery and debt reduction rely heavily on effectively implementing investment plans financed by EU post-COVID funds. However, Rome has encountered challenges in meeting policy conditions set by Brussels and in utilizing the funds it has received. Additionally, despite efforts to address immigration concerns, the number of migrant arrivals on Italy’s coasts has surged. Meloni has adopted a conciliatory approach at the EU level in finding common ground on this issue.

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Strong Political Position and Voter Support

Meloni has managed to avoid the political instability that plagued her predecessors, thanks in part to a divided opposition. Her party, Brothers of Italy, remains at the top of the polls with nearly 30% of voter support. The dominance of her party within the coalition, consisting of the League and Forza Italia, solidifies her position in power.


Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni faces significant economic challenges, including weak growth and high debt, as she completes her first year in power. However, her proactive approach to international relations and her ability to maintain a strong political position domestically have contributed to her resilience. The coming months will test her leadership as she navigates economic uncertainties and works towards fulfilling her policy commitments.

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