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IMF committee urges fund expansion, to unveil proposal by June 2025, says Reuters.

IMF Members Pledge to Review Quota Funding and Shareholding Formula

Review of Quota Funding

International Monetary Fund (IMF) members have committed to completing a review of quota funding by December 15. This review aims to secure an increase in funding that will maintain the IMF’s overall lending resources as bilateral borrowing arrangements expire. The Fund’s steering committee chair, Spanish economy minister Nadia Calvino, expressed support for a funding increase without specifying any amounts. The statement also called for proposals to change the Fund’s shareholding formula by June 2025.

Transitional Arrangements

In order to sustain the IMF’s current resource envelope until a quota increase takes effect, the statement urged the Executive Board to propose transitional arrangements. The details of these arrangements were not specified. However, the statement emphasized the importance of maintaining the Fund’s lending capacity during this period.

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The commitment by IMF members to review quota funding and shareholding formula aims to ensure the stability and effectiveness of the organization. By completing the review by December 15, the IMF can secure the necessary funding to continue its lending activities. Additionally, the proposal to change the shareholding formula by June 2025 reflects the need for a fair and updated system that aligns with the evolving global economic landscape. These measures demonstrate the IMF’s commitment to adapt and remain reliable in addressing financial challenges worldwide.

Enhancing the IMF’s Lending Capacity

The call for transitional arrangements highlights the importance of maintaining the IMF’s lending resources during the period between the review and the implementation of any quota increase. This ensures that the IMF can continue to meet the financial needs of member countries, especially as bilateral borrowing arrangements expire. The proposed arrangements will serve as a bridge to sustain the Fund’s current lending capacity until the quota increase becomes effective.

Looking Ahead

The IMF’s commitment to reviewing quota funding and shareholding formula demonstrates its proactive approach in adapting to the changing global economic landscape. By securing adequate funding and updating its shareholding formula, the IMF can effectively address financial challenges and support its member countries. The proposed transitional arrangements further emphasize the organization’s dedication to maintaining its lending capacity throughout the review process. With these measures in place, the IMF is well-positioned to continue playing a crucial role in promoting global financial stability and economic growth.

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