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How will Trump cover his $355 million fraud judgment?

How Trump’s Civil Fraud Judgment Could Affect His Finances


Donald Trump’s $355 million civil fraud judgment may significantly impact his financial situation, potentially limiting his access to credit and cash reserves in the future.

Details of the Ruling

Justice Arthur Engoron found that Trump fraudulently inflated his net worth to secure better loan terms. The ruling includes monetary penalties and a three-year ban on running a corporation in New York, as well as restrictions on obtaining loans from banks in the state.

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Impact on Trump’s Real Estate Empire

Trump’s vast holdings, predominantly in real estate, could face challenges due to the judgment. Forbes estimates his net worth at $2.6 billion, with most of it tied up in real estate. However, the true value of his property holdings remains uncertain amid challenges in the commercial real estate sector.

Financial Ability to Pay the Judgment

The restrictions on obtaining loans could severely limit Trump’s ability to raise cash to pay the judgment. Additionally, he faces additional damages in separate defamation cases, further straining his financial resources.

Trump’s Stake in Truth Social

Trump’s stake in the social media platform Truth Social could potentially provide a significant windfall if he chooses to sell it. The company’s value has risen considerably, offering a potential avenue for Trump to raise funds to address the judgment.

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Limitations on Using Campaign Funds

Trump cannot utilize campaign funds to address the judgment as the case brought against him is not related to his political activities. This limitation adds to the financial challenges he faces.

Timeline for Payment and Potential Appeals

Trump’s lawyers have indicated their intention to appeal the decision, which could prolong the process. However, he may be required to make a substantial deposit during the appeal process, further impacting his financial situation.

Consequences of Failure to Pay

If Trump fails to pay the judgment, he could face additional fines and potential wage garnishment. However, imprisonment is considered highly unlikely in this scenario.

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