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Gold prices steady ahead of inflation report, copper drops due to Zambia discovery

Copper Prices Sink on Zambia Discovery, Gold Muted Ahead of Inflation Data

Gold Prices Remain Stable in Asian Trade

Gold prices showed little movement in quiet Asian trade on Monday, as the precious metal continued to trade within the established range over the past week. Traders are eagerly awaiting upcoming U.S. inflation data for further direction.

Copper Prices Hit Three-Month Low on Zambia Discovery

Meanwhile, copper prices plummeted to a near three-month low after KoBold Metals, a startup supported by Microsoft founder Bill Gates, discovered a significant copper deposit in Zambia. This discovery has the potential to lead to the formation of a major copper mine.

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Expectations of Interest Rate Cuts Affect Gold Prices

Gold fell into a $2,000 to $2,050 trading range in February due to diminishing expectations of early interest rate cuts by the Federal Reserve. The market has been steadily discounting the likelihood of a rate cut in March and May, causing gold to stagnate.

Traders Await Consumer Price Index (CPI) Data

With a lack of clear signals over the past week, traders are now looking to the upcoming CPI data as the next key indicator for the gold market. The CPI data is expected to provide insights into inflation trends and their potential impact on gold prices.

Gold and Copper Prices in the Market

Gold fell 0.1% to $2,023.48 an ounce, while gold futures expiring in April declined 0.1% to $2,037.20 an ounce. However, trading volumes were subdued due to market holidays in China, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Japan.

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Focus on CPI Data and Federal Reserve Signals

The upcoming U.S. CPI data will likely have a significant impact on gold prices. Additionally, the statements of several Federal Reserve officials, including , , and , are expected to provide further guidance on the future direction of interest rates.

Impact of Federal Reserve’s Stance on Gold Prices

Fed officials are likely to reiterate their stance that the central bank is not in a rush to begin trimming interest rates. This sentiment could cause fluctuations in gold prices, given that higher rates increase the opportunity cost of holding gold.

Challenges and Opportunities for Gold and Copper

Despite facing pressure from the dollar and other factors, gold has managed to hold above the $2,000 support level. On the other hand, the discovery of a large copper deposit in Zambia raises concerns about potential oversupply and its impact on copper prices in the future.

Potential Increase in Copper Supplies

The discovery in Zambia suggests a potential increase in copper supplies, which could exert more downward pressure on copper prices. This development comes amid existing worries about slowing demand in China, the world’s top copper importer.

Gold and copper markets continue to face challenges and uncertainties, with traders closely monitoring upcoming data and events for further insights into the future direction of prices.

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