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German industrial production declines in December, according to Reuters report.

German Industrial Output Falls in December

German industrial production falls

German industrial production fell more than expected in December, marking the seventh monthly decline in a row, according to the federal statistics office. This news comes as a blow to the country’s manufacturing sector, which has been facing challenges in recent months.

December industrial production decline

Industrial production in Germany fell by 1.6% in December compared with the previous month, a steeper decline than the 0.4% predicted by analysts polled by Reuters. The decline was particularly pronounced in the chemical industry, with production falling by 7.6% on the month, and in construction, which saw a 3.4% decline. Other sectors also experienced decreases, albeit to a lesser extent, according to the statistics office.

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Impact on automotive industry

However, there was a silver lining in the form of a 4.0% increase in production in the automotive industry, which had a positive effect on the overall result. This increase provided a glimmer of hope amid the overall decline in industrial production.

Quarterly performance

Looking at the last quarter of the year, a less volatile figure, industrial production in Germany fell by 1.8% compared to the three months before. This decline in quarterly performance is a cause for concern and indicates a broader slowdown in the country’s industrial output.

By Maria Martinez

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