HomeWorldFormer Honduran president collaborated closely with drug traffickers, according to US authorities.

Former Honduran president collaborated closely with drug traffickers, according to US authorities.

Former Honduran President Accused of Working with Drug Traffickers

Allegations Against Juan Orlando Hernandez

Former Honduras President Juan Orlando Hernandez is facing allegations of collaborating “hand in hand” with drug traffickers to secure his position of power. A U.S. prosecutor revealed that Hernandez received millions of dollars in bribes from drug traffickers, which fueled his rise to power.

Close Ties with the U.S.

Despite the allegations, Hernandez had a close relationship with the United States during his presidency from 2014 to 2022. The U.S. provided over $50 million in anti-narcotics assistance and additional security and military aid to Honduras during his tenure. He also garnered support from former President Donald Trump for his efforts to crack down on migration.

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Charges and Defense

However, just three months after leaving office, federal prosecutors in Manhattan charged Hernandez with accepting bribes from cocaine traffickers in exchange for protecting them. Hernandez has pleaded not guilty to the charges, with his defense claiming that drug traffickers are attempting to tarnish his reputation in retaliation for his administration’s law enforcement actions.

Prosecution’s Claims

The prosecution alleges that Hernandez worked closely with drug traffickers, including his own brother, to facilitate the trafficking of large quantities of cocaine to the United States. Despite publicly professing to combat drug trafficking, Hernandez allegedly ensured that loyal drug traffickers were protected behind the scenes.

Legal Proceedings

Two of Hernandez’s co-defendants, including his cousin and the former national police chief of Honduras, have already pleaded guilty to drug trafficking charges. If convicted on all counts, Hernandez faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 40 years and could be sentenced to life in prison. The trial, which began with jury selection, is expected to last between two and three weeks.

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