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Expansion of e-CNY pilot to 26 locations, aiming for cross-border transactions, gains momentum.

China’s e-CNY Pilot Expands to 26 Locations, Eyes Cross-Border Transactions

China’s Central Bank Digital Currency Pilot Gains Momentum

China’s central bank digital currency (CBDC), known as e-CNY, has recently expanded its pilot program to include 26 locations. This significant move has been in progress since 2019 and was disclosed during a forum in Beijing. Zhou Xiaochuan, the former governor of China’s central bank, emphasized the evolution and potential future direction of the digital currency.

Security and Abuse Prevention at the Core

Zhou underscored the development of e-CNY’s security and abuse prevention measures. He highlighted the unintended consequences of cryptocurrencies, such as facilitating illicit activities like money laundering, arms trading, and drug trades due to decreasing technology costs. The focus on security measures is a crucial aspect of e-CNY’s development.

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PBOC’s Ongoing Efforts to Promote and Test e-CNY

In 2022, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) introduced an e-CNY pilot application to promote and test the digital currency’s capabilities. The two-tier system of e-CNY encourages dynamic evolution through competition between the PBOC and commercial institutions. This approach fosters innovation and ensures the currency’s continuous development.

Exploring Cross-Border Transactions

Zhou acknowledged that cross-border transactions are an important area of exploration for central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). This involves a complex interplay of technology, systems, and policy orientation. Currently, Hong Kong is in the second phase of technical testing to integrate e-CNY into its local payment system, demonstrating progress in CBDC development.

China’s Steady Progress in CBDC Development

This expansion and testing reflect China’s commitment to advancing CBDC development and enhancing security measures in digital currency transactions. China’s focus on e-CNY’s pilot program and cross-border integration demonstrates its determination to lead in the realm of central bank digital currencies.

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