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Ecuador’s President Noboa to confront economic and security challenges, predicts Reuters.

Ecuador’s New President Daniel Noboa Faces Economic and Security Challenges

Reviving Ecuador’s Economy and Tackling Rising Crime

Daniel Noboa, the newly elected president of Ecuador, is set to face significant challenges as he takes on the task of revitalizing the country’s battered economy and addressing the growing security concerns. With a truncated 17-month term ahead of him, Noboa aims to rebuild Ecuador and tackle the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to a major economic downturn and prompted many Ecuadoreans to migrate.

Eliminating Market Risks and Ensuring Stability

Noboa’s victory in the election has eliminated potential market risks that could have arisen if his rival, leftist Luisa Gonzalez, had won. Analysts believe that his victory will prevent constitutional changes that could facilitate the comeback of former President Rafael Correa in 2025, as well as mitigate the risk of fiscal slippage. However, fiscal consolidation during Noboa’s term may be challenging, especially if the El Nino weather phenomenon worsens the economic pressures. Despite this, an outright debt restructuring is unlikely.

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Balancing Foreign Investment and Domestic Needs

Noboa has promised to attract foreign investors and create job opportunities for young people. However, he has also emphasized the importance of meeting foreign debt obligations while addressing the needs of the population. Ecuador has relied on multilateral funding since the start of the pandemic, raising doubts about Noboa’s economic strategy and whether he will follow an orthodox path. His campaign has indicated that his cabinet picks, to be announced next week, will shed light on his economic approach.

Ensuring Security and Combating Crime

Noboa intends to tackle the alarming rise in crime rates through various measures. These include establishing a new intelligence unit, equipping security forces with tactical weapons, using prison ships to house dangerous convicts, and strengthening security at ports and airports, which are hotspots for drug smuggling. The outgoing government blames drug gangs for the increased violence, which reached a peak during the campaign with the murder of anti-corruption candidate Fernando Villavicencio.

Looking Ahead and Addressing Social and Political Pressures

During his first 90 days in office, Noboa will need to deliver quick security wins to address social and political pressures. With 52% of the vote, he emerged as the winner against Gonzalez, securing his family’s long-held ambition of reaching the presidency. Noboa, Ecuador’s youngest president in recent history, will serve a truncated term from December this year until May 2025. He will have the opportunity to run again in the regularly scheduled 2025 contest.

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Appealing to the Youth and Embracing Change

Noboa made a conscious effort to appeal to young people throughout his campaign. His victory is seen by many supporters as a fresh start for Ecuadorian politics. As he takes office, Noboa will spend time with advisers and future lawmakers from his National Democratic Action party, signaling his commitment to shaping the country’s future. The transition process will begin promptly, as outgoing President Guillermo Lasso expressed his delight in passing the torch to Noboa.

Overall, Daniel Noboa’s presidency will be marked by his determination to revive Ecuador’s economy, combat rising crime, and address the needs of the population. The challenges ahead are significant, but with his focus on attracting foreign investment, creating jobs, and ensuring security, Noboa aims to bring about positive change for the people of Ecuador.

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