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Defense Secretary Austin to testify on health secrecy before Congress on February 29.

U.S. Defense Secretary to Testify on Health Secrecy

Defense Secretary to Address Failure to Disclose Cancer Diagnosis

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is set to testify before Congress on Feb. 29 regarding his failure to disclose his cancer diagnosis and subsequent hospitalizations. This includes the failure to inform President Joe Biden about his health situation, as confirmed by a congressional spokesperson on Tuesday.

Austin’s Apology for Lack of Disclosure

During a televised news briefing last week, Austin apologized for not informing Biden and senior staff about his recent prostate cancer diagnosis beforehand. He described the health scare as a “gut punch” that deeply affected him.

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Handling of Subsequent Hospitalization

Austin also expressed regret for the way he handled his hospitalization, which was kept secret from the public, senior staff, and even Biden himself for several days. The incident sparked a political uproar and garnered calls from prominent Republicans, including former President Donald Trump, for Austin’s removal from his position.

Public and Presidential Response

Despite the lapse in judgment, President Biden, a Democrat, has stated his confidence in Austin. The Defense Secretary, a retired four-star general and America’s first Black defense secretary, has faced both criticism and support following the revelation of his health secrecy.

Additional Information on Austin’s Background

Austin, 70, has a distinguished military career, having led forces in Iraq. His role as Defense Secretary has been marked by both challenges and achievements, making the upcoming congressional testimony a significant event for the current administration.

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