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Decline in oil prices as uncertainty looms over the impact of Middle East unrest.

Oil Prices Dip as Markets Debate Impact of Middle East Turmoil

Oil prices edge down as conflict between Israel and Hamas continues

Oil prices have slightly decreased on Tuesday following a 4% surge in the previous session. Market analysts are carefully assessing the potential for supply disruptions as the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas carries on. The price of Brent crude fell by 18 cents, or 0.2%, to $87.97 a barrel at 0017 GMT, while U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude eased 16 cents or 0.2% to $86.22 a barrel.

Concerns over Middle East supply disruption

Both benchmarks experienced a substantial increase of more than $3.50 on Monday due to news of the conflict. This surge in prices comes after a period of highly volatile trading last week. While Israel’s oil production is minimal, there is growing anxiety in the markets that the conflict could escalate and affect Middle East supply, worsening the expected deficit for the rest of the year. Reports have indicated that Israel’s port of Ashkelon and its oil terminal have been shut down following the conflict.

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Potential impact on Saudi Arabia-Israel relations and Iranian oil exports

In addition to supply concerns, the ongoing turmoil between Israel and Hamas could hinder U.S. efforts to mediate a reconciliation between Saudi Arabia and Israel, which may have resulted in increased oil output next year. Additionally, the conflict may prompt the United States to tighten its sanctions on Iran, potentially impacting the export of Iranian oil. Analysts have suggested that the U.S. has no intelligence or evidence directly linking Iran to the attacks, but the White House spokesperson stated on Monday that Iran is complicit.

Positive signs for supply with Venezuela and the U.S.

Despite the uncertainties surrounding Middle East supply, there are positive developments in the oil industry. Talks between Venezuela and the U.S. have progressed, potentially leading to sanctions relief for Caracas. Under certain conditions, at least one additional foreign oil firm may be allowed to take Venezuelan crude oil. This news brings some optimism for the global oil market.

With the conflict between Israel and Hamas ongoing, the oil market remains highly uncertain. The potential for supply disruptions and geopolitical tensions continue to impact oil prices. As the situation unfolds, it will be crucial to monitor the developments closely.

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