HomePoliticsCritics claim Democrats mishandle Biden age concerns, highlighting a lack of competence.

Critics claim Democrats mishandle Biden age concerns, highlighting a lack of competence.

Concerns Grow Over President Biden’s Age and Cognitive Abilities

The Growing Concerns

Joe Biden’s advisers were aware in 2020 that his age was a concern for Americans, but they successfully portrayed him as a competent leader who would bring normalcy to the White House after Trump’s presidency. However, as Biden is now 81, polls show that age is a significant concern for voters as they approach the upcoming election.

Visible Changes

Observers note that Biden’s gait has stiffened, he seems slower on his feet, and he frequently makes verbal mix-ups during speeches. Despite presiding over a growing economy, the age issue continues to affect his poll numbers.

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White House Response

When a special counsel report last week criticized Biden’s memory, Republicans were quick to call him “certainly unfit for the Oval Office.” However, some political experts believe the White House did not address the accusations quickly or directly enough, initially failing to mount a coordinated pushback.

Public Perception

A new Reuters/Ipsos poll indicates that 78% of respondents, including 71% of Democrats, believe Biden is too old to work in government. The White House has struggled to respond to these concerns, as online memes mocking Biden’s age, speech patterns, and missteps continue to circulate.

Challenges Ahead

Despite the White House’s focus on highlighting Biden’s accomplishments, concerns about his age persist. Some political analysts believe that the media unfairly targets Biden over his age, contrasting it with Trump’s verbal stumbles and mix-ups.

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Strategies and Concerns

The White House and campaign aides plan to address concerns about Biden’s age by highlighting his achievements in office. However, some within his party have lingering doubts about his wisdom in running for a second term, exacerbated by the recent report criticizing his memory.

Public Opinion

Some suggest that giving the public more exposure to Biden could dispel any doubts about his cognitive abilities. However, the age issue continues to be a tough challenge for Democrats as it remains a topic of public discussion and media scrutiny.

Neurologists caution that public moments are not accurate indicators of an individual’s cognitive ability, emphasizing the need for a professional diagnosis. The concerns over Biden’s age and cognitive abilities persist, influencing public opinion and shaping the political landscape.

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