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Congress members urge EPA to eliminate manure emission reporting rule for farms to reduce burdens.

US Lawmakers Urge EPA to Drop Rule on Reporting Manure Emissions

Lawmakers Oppose Reporting Requirement for Farm Emissions

U.S. Congress members from both political parties are urging the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) not to propose a rule requiring farms to report on air emissions from animal waste, according to a letter seen by Reuters.

EPA Seeks Public Comment on Reporting Exemption for Animal Manure

The EPA is soliciting public comment on whether it should revoke or amend a rule from former President Donald Trump’s administration that exempts animal manure from an environmental statute requiring industry to report chemical releases for the purpose of community information.

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Environmental Groups Call for Revocation of Reporting Exemption

Environmental groups are calling on the EPA to revoke the rule, citing pollution from animal waste that is sickening people in rural communities.

Hazardous Chemicals from Animal Manure

Animal manure can generate hazardous chemicals like ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, which can cause irritation and burning to the eyes and respiratory tract.

Backlash Against Reporting Requirement

Reinstating the reporting requirement would create a paperwork backlog for the EPA and regulatory burden for farmers, according to a letter signed by 44 members of Congress.

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Support from Farm Groups

The letter is supported by top farm groups including the American Farm Bureau Federation, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, and National Pork Producers Council, said a spokesperson for one of the lawmakers.

Biden Administration’s Stance on the Rule

The Biden administration in 2021 said it would revise or rescind the 2019 rule as part of ongoing litigation brought by environmental groups.

Concerns from Environmental Advocacy Group

“Air pollution from factory farms is absolutely sickening people in these rural communities, and they have absolutely no information about what they’re being exposed to,” said a legal director at the environmental advocacy group Food & Water Watch.

EPA’s Response

An EPA spokesperson said the agency is reviewing the letter. The comment period closes on Feb. 15.

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