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Chinese embassy expresses disapproval of Costa Rica’s restrictions on 5G companies, citing concerns.

Chinese Embassy Criticizes Costa Rica’s 5G Company Restrictions

Costa Rican Officials Undermine Economic Ties with China

Costa Rican officials have raised concerns about Chinese companies being a cybersecurity threat to the development of 5G networks. The Chinese embassy in San Jose criticized these remarks, stating that they gravely affect the confidence of Chinese companies to undertake economic-trade activities in Costa Rica. China deems these comments “irresponsible and unfounded.”

Costa Rica’s Security Concerns

The science, technology, and telecommunications minister of Costa Rica has labeled China as a security threat to the emerging digital network. The country’s authorities believe that the Chinese government is “totalitarian.” This has led to Costa Rica’s decision to ban tech companies from China, South Korea, Russia, Brazil, and others from participating in the development of 5G networks.

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Concerns Raised by the Chinese Embassy

The Chinese embassy expressed its disappointment with Costa Rica’s remarks, stating that they erode the good energy to develop bilateral relations. The embassy believes that these comments undermine the confidence and expectations of Chinese companies in Costa Rica.

Costa Rican President’s Decree

In August, Costa Rican President Rodrigo Chaves issued a decree to regulate 5G mobile network development. The decree bans firms from countries that have not agreed to an international cybercrime convention. This ban includes tech companies from China, South Korea, Russia, and Brazil, among others. The decision was made shortly after a senior U.S. military commander questioned China’s increasing investment in Latin American infrastructure development.

The Chinese embassy’s statement highlights the potential impact of Costa Rica’s restrictions on economic ties between the two countries. Costa Rica’s concerns about cybersecurity and the involvement of foreign companies in the development of 5G networks have led to the ban on tech companies from several countries. However, this move has also disappointed Chinese companies and raised doubts about the future of bilateral relations. The issue remains unresolved, and its consequences are yet to be seen.

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