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China uncovers new spying case in the United States

China Uncovers Another Spying Case in the US

Chinese Citizen Accused of Spying for the United States

China’s top spy agency recently announced that a Chinese citizen, who was employed by a defense institute, has been charged with spying for the United States. The case has now been transferred to a court in Chengdu for trial. This development highlights China’s firm commitment to national security, as well as its efforts to combat espionage and domestic corruption.

Chinese State Secrets Revealed

A man named Hou, who worked at an undisclosed defense institute, was sent as a visiting scholar to a US university in 2013. According to Chinese state broadcaster CCTV, during his time in the US, Hou was coerced into revealing classified Chinese state secrets. The exact university where this took place has not been disclosed.

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An Elaborate Scheme

CCTV reported that a US professor, who was close to Hou, introduced him to an individual claiming to be an employee of a consulting company. However, this person turned out to be an American intelligence officer using the company as a cover. Over time, the intelligence officer gained Hou’s trust and convinced him to become a consulting expert at “his company.” The promise of financial compensation further enticed Hou to cooperate.

A Dangerous Compromise

Several months later, while Hou’s wife and son were visiting the US, the intelligence officer revealed his true intentions and proposed a change in their cooperation. Fearing for his family’s safety, Hou reluctantly agreed to the new terms. Under this arrangement, Hou would disclose highly classified secrets to the intelligence officer during hour-long sessions and receive a payment of $1,000 each time.

Continued Cooperation and Capture

After returning to China in 2014, Hou maintained contact with US intelligence, meeting them at international conferences. He also voluntarily provided information on national defense and the military industry. However, the Chinese government conducted an investigation, leading to Hou’s arrest in July 2021 on suspicion of espionage.

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China’s Vigilance Against Espionage

China has recently intensified its efforts to combat espionage, resulting in the arrest and detention of numerous Chinese and foreign nationals. These actions have raised concerns from the US regarding China’s counter-espionage measures. The Chinese spy agency has also disclosed additional details about a US citizen who was previously imprisoned for espionage.

In conclusion, China’s uncovering of another spying case in the US demonstrates its unwavering commitment to national security and its determination to combat espionage. The case involving Hou serves as a reminder of the importance of safeguarding classified information and the ongoing challenges countries face in protecting their interests.

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