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California requires big companies to report their greenhouse gas emissions, promoting strict climate regulations.

California Enforces Stringent Climate Laws, Pushing Corporations to Report Greenhouse Gas Emissions

New Climate Laws Demand Corporate Accountability

Governor Gavin Newsom of California has recently implemented two crucial climate laws, pushing large corporations to closely monitor and report their greenhouse gas emissions. These laws aim to hold corporations accountable for their environmental impact and promote transparency in their sustainability efforts.

The Climate Corporate Data Accountability Act

The first law, known as the Climate Corporate Data Accountability Act, requires U.S. companies with annual revenues surpassing $1 billion to disclose both direct and indirect emissions from 2026 onwards. This legislation goes beyond current federal and state reporting requirements and demands companies operating in California to report even indirect greenhouse gas emissions. This includes emissions from supply chains, business travel, employees’ commutes, and the use of their products by consumers.

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Scope 3 Emissions and Financial Risks

The Climate-Related Financial Risk Act, the second law implemented by Governor Newsom, mandates firms earning $500 million or more to reveal financial risks associated with climate change and risk mitigation strategies. It also covers scope 3 emissions, which are emissions that occur in the value chain of a company. These new laws ensure that companies consider and address the broader environmental impacts of their operations.

Implications for Major Corporations

Despite opposition from the California Chamber of Commerce, major corporations such as Microsoft, Apple, Salesforce, and Patagonia have endorsed these laws. This demonstrates their commitment to environmental sustainability and the recognition of the urgent need to combat climate change. The introduction of these laws is expected to have far-reaching global implications, encouraging other countries and states to adopt similar measures.

Operational Emission Reduction and Sustainable Practices

Research suggests that disclosure mandates similar to those in the U.K. can lead to operational emission reductions, combating greenwashing and promoting genuine sustainability efforts. Companies like Apple have been actively working with suppliers to reduce emissions, showcasing a proactive approach towards environmental sustainability within the corporate sector.

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This article offers an overview of the recent climate laws implemented in California, highlighting the importance of corporate accountability and transparency in addressing climate change. By requiring large corporations to report their greenhouse gas emissions and disclose financial risks associated with climate change, these laws aim to drive sustainable practices and encourage the reduction of emissions. The participation of major corporations in endorsing these laws demonstrates a growing recognition of the need for collective action in combatting climate change.

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