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Bissau faces blackout as Turkish power company terminates service, leaving city in darkness.

Guinea-Bissau’s Capital Plunged into Darkness as Turkish Firm Cuts Power Supply

Guinea-Bissau Faces Power Crisis

Guinea-Bissau’s capital, Bissau, was hit by a sudden blackout on Tuesday when Turkish company Karpowership decided to cut off electricity supplies to the West African nation. This drastic measure was taken due to an outstanding debt of $17 million owed by the Electricity and Water Company of Guinea-Bissau. The economy minister, Suleimane Seidi, revealed that arrangements were already underway to settle $15 million of the arrears within the next 15 days.

Karpowership’s Role in the Electricity Supply

Karpowership, renowned for operating floating power plants, has been the sole provider of electrical energy to Guinea-Bissau since the signing of a contract in 2019. According to the company’s website, they have been fulfilling 100% of the nation’s power needs. In light of the situation, Minister Seidi assured the public that negotiations with Karpowership were taking place to avoid any long-term disruptions.

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Government’s Commitment to Resolve the Issue

Following a meeting with Prince Lamptey Tetteh, the local representative of Karpowership, Minister Seidi emphasized that the debt did not originate from the current administration. Nevertheless, the government had taken responsibility for settling the outstanding amount. Tetteh stated that the company was patiently awaiting the bank’s completion of the debt transfer process.

Karpowership’s Recent Actions

It is worth noting that this is not the first time Karpowership has disconnected power supply due to unpaid debts. In September, the Turkish company cut off electricity to Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, owing to an outstanding debt of approximately $40 million.

In conclusion, Guinea-Bissau faces a challenging situation as its capital remains in darkness due to the suspension of electricity supply by Karpowership. The government is actively working towards resolving the outstanding debt and ensuring a stable power supply for its citizens.

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