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Biden urges House Republicans to support Ukraine aid despite Trump’s opposition, seeks bipartisan consensus.

President Biden, House Republicans at Odds Over Ukraine Aid

Urgent Push for Ukraine Aid

President Joe Biden and top officials are pressuring House Speaker Mike Johnson for a vote on a crucial funding bill for Ukraine’s war against Russia. The bill, totaling $95.34 billion, also includes aid for Israel and funding for U.S. troops in the Middle East, humanitarian aid in Gaza, and defense companies and submarine manufacturing in the United States.

Political Opposition to Aid Package

Former President Donald Trump’s opposition to the aid package has cast doubt on its fate in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. Johnson’s control over which bills are brought to a vote has further complicated the situation.

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Efforts to Secure Bipartisan Support

The bill garnered bipartisan support in the Senate, passing in a 70-29 vote. However, Johnson has indicated reluctance to allow a vote on the package, prompting a group of moderate House Republicans to work on an alternate bill that would include aid for Ukraine, Taiwan, and military aid for Israel.

Growing Enmity and Political Maneuvering

The situation has escalated into a clash between the White House and Johnson, with Biden’s administration resorting to social media to exert pressure. The political wrangling has also seen Senate Republicans blocking a previous aid deal and demanding changes in border policy.

Support and Advocacy for the Bill

The White House is deploying surrogates to advocate for the bill, emphasizing its potential benefits for American defense companies and the U.S. economy. Biden himself has underscored the consequences of failing to approve the aid, warning of the implications for Ukraine and the advantage it would give Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Ultimately, the fate of the aid package remains uncertain as political tensions and negotiations continue.

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