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Atomic Wallet places $2M on hold due to suspicious deposits on exchanges, protecting users’ funds.

Hacked Atomic Wallet Collaborates with Major Crypto Exchanges to Freeze $2 Million in Suspicious Deposits


Cryptocurrency wallet Atomic Wallet has taken action to freeze $2 million in suspicious deposits, following a joint effort with major crypto exchanges. The wallet firm, supported by blockchain intelligence companies Chainalysis and Crystal, successfully identified and contained the potential threat.

The Collaborative Effort

In a bid to combat illicit activities, Atomic Wallet has partnered with prominent crypto exchanges to address the issue. The company, along with the assistance of Chainalysis and Crystal, has promptly frozen the suspicious deposits, ensuring the safety of users’ funds.

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Enhancing Security Measures

By establishing this collaborative effort, Atomic Wallet demonstrates its commitment to safeguarding the interests of its users. The integration of advanced blockchain intelligence technology allows for the swift identification and containment of potential threats, ensuring enhanced security.

Protecting User Funds

The joint effort between Atomic Wallet, Chainalysis, and Crystal serves as a proactive measure to protect user funds from unauthorized access and potential losses. By freezing the suspicious deposits, the involved parties have effectively mitigated the risk and prevented any further harm.

Ensuring Trust and Confidence

Atomic Wallet’s swift response and collaboration with major crypto exchanges not only safeguards user funds but also reinforces trust and confidence within the cryptocurrency community. This joint effort sets a strong precedent for proactive measures against potential threats.

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The partnership between Atomic Wallet, Chainalysis, and Crystal has proven to be instrumental in identifying and freezing suspicious deposits. By prioritizing user security and engaging in collaborative efforts, the cryptocurrency industry takes a significant step towards combatting illicit activities and ensuring the protection of user funds.

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