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Amazon’s Bezos Sells $2B in New Shares

Jeff Bezos Continues Selling Amazon Shares, Rakes in Over $4B in Two Days

Amazon’s founder selling shares

Jeff Bezos, the former CEO of Amazon, has been making headlines for selling off a significant portion of his shares in the e-commerce giant. In the latest filing with the SEC, Bezos disclosed that he has disposed of over $2 billion worth of Amazon stock.

Details of the sales

The filing, dated February 9th, revealed that Bezos sold a total of 11,997,698 shares in 9 different transactions, amounting to a whopping $2.08 billion. This comes just days after a similar move where he offloaded the same number of shares in 5 tranches, netting around $2.04 billion.

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Future plans

In a separate filing, Bezos also announced a proposed sale of up to 50 million Amazon shares over the next 12 months. Despite the recent sales, he still holds a substantial position of 964 million shares in the company, making him the top shareholder.

Bezos’ actions have sparked curiosity and raised eyebrows in the financial world, with many speculating on his motives and the impact of these sales on Amazon’s stock performance.

It remains to be seen what Bezos plans to do with the substantial proceeds from the stock sales, but it’s clear that he is making significant moves in the financial sphere.

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Investors and industry analysts will be keeping a close eye on Amazon’s stock performance and any future announcements from Bezos regarding his stake in the company.

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