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Alecta bounces back with 3.5% gain despite leadership shifts and investment scrutiny.

Alecta Pension Fund Shows Recovery with 3.5% Return Amid Leadership Changes and Investment Scrutiny

Positive Turnaround for Alecta Pension Fund

In a positive turn of events, Alecta, Sweden’s primary pension fund, has reported a 3.5% return on its defined contribution pension plan for the first three quarters of 2023. This marks a significant recovery from the 13.1% loss experienced during the same period in the previous year.

Management Changes and Public Backlash

Alecta, managing assets worth SEK 1.2 trillion ($110 billion), recently faced a decrease in solvency ratio from 214% to 212%. This decline came after the fund encountered $2 billion losses connected to the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and three defunct US banks. Consequently, the CEO and head of equities resigned due to public backlash.

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Peder Hasslev Takes Charge

Peder Hasslev, the newly appointed CEO, has expressed concerns about Alecta’s largest investment – a SEK 49 billion stake in Heimstaden Bostad AB. The financially burdened company is currently under investigation by Sweden’s financial watchdog and has a rating two steps above junk by Standard & Poor’s. These developments have resulted in the resignation of Chairman Ingrid Bonde and raised questions about Alecta’s influence over its investments.

No Disclosure of Portfolio Performance

Unlike previous reports, Alecta did not disclose the performance of its equities and alternative portfolios. As the fund oversees the retirement savings of a quarter of Sweden’s population, stakeholders eagerly await further updates on Alecta’s financial health, expected to coincide with the release of Heimstaden Bostad’s earnings report on Oct. 24, 2023.

This rewritten article provides a comprehensive overview of Alecta Pension Fund’s recent performance, taking into account its recovery, management changes, and investment scrutiny. The new CEO’s concerns and the company’s decision to withhold portfolio performance information add depth to the narrative. As the fund’s financial health remains a significant concern for stakeholders, all eyes are now on the upcoming earnings report of Heimstaden Bostad AB.

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